How To Learn Guitar – Ten Useful Tips

how to learn guitar

The guitar is one of the most popular instruments in the world.

Millions of people all across the world of different races, cultures and religions play it.

There are many more who want to know how to learn guitar the easy way.

The first step for learning would be to join a music school.

However, besides practical on the job training, there is so much more theory which needs to be known and understood by any aspiring guitarist.

Guitar schools do not have the time to cover all of this for their students.

The only other alternative sources are the internet and books.

Most of the books and articles about guitars are written by authors from countries whose native language is English.

Their style of writing is different and not easily understood by many people belonging to countries whose native language is not English.

It is our endeavour to present all the basics which any guitar learner must know.

We also aim to provide you with a guide to all guitars and accessories in the Indian market.

Still deciding whether to pick up this instrument?

Below is a simple infographic that can help you make that decision.


Top 5 reasons to learn to play the guitar

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Some Handy Tips on How to Learn Guitar

As mentioned, the guitar is one of the most popular instruments in the world and many across different walks of life are attracted to it.

That’s the reason a lot of people want to know how to learn guitar and take up classes for the same.

However, many give up because of the initial discomfort and learning curve.

If you don’t want to be that person who picks up the guitar only to drop it shortly after, read on.

Tip Number 1

Don’t try to learn anything overly complex at first.

Get familiar and learn guitar basics such as guitar types and basic guitar design. That’ll get you started.

Tip Number 2

Keep yourself inspired. A lot of people purchase a guitar, train for several weeks and then shove their instrument in the rear of a cupboard to gather dust.

Make an effort to keep yourself motivated about learning to play.

Tip Number 3

Take your own time learning basic guitar playing skills and build on them.

Practice the easiest skills till they can be perfected to some extent.

Find out the best way to recognize and play each chord and understand the best way to tune your guitar.

Initially, make an effort to focus on learning scales and notes.

Tip Number 4

Do not ever underestimate the significance of taking the time to listen carefully to how you’re playing.

An excellent ear for music will take you quite ahead while learning guitar.

You may begin to differentiate between chords and tunes in time.

Tip Number 5

Before you begin playing tunes, learn all your chords.

Don’t make an effort to play with your favorite tune.

Begin with tunes that are extremely straightforward and work your way up.

Every single day practice makes a difference.

Tip Number 6

Many beginner guitarists become deterred by muscle cramping that usually accompanies the first couple of weeks.

To cope with this, follow your finger exercise routine religiously.

This can help you to build up strength in your finger muscles, and callouses on your own fingers to keep them from cramping.

Tip Number 7

Take around 30 minutes during each time you practice to change between chords in a way that is smooth.

Having the ability to get yourself to go between chords readily is likely to make your music sound rather a lot better.

Tip Number 8

There are numerous great books for self-students, as well as the web is full of videos and info which can tell you how to learn guitar.

The Justin Guitar youtube channel is a great resource.

Tip Number 9

Do not make your practice sessions overly long.

Particularly when you’re just starting out, there may be a tendency to be over enthusiastic.

However, sessions of 30 to 40 minutes are more effective because the attention span deteriorates after that.

Tip Number 10

Consider taking group lessons, in the event you favor taking lessons from a teacher.

Adult learning centres and community colleges frequently offer guitar courses.

Learning in a group might be more interesting too.

Final Thoughts

The enormous appeal of the guitar is something which is beyond culture, race and geography.

Wherever you go, you’re certain to hear music that features the guitar in a single kind or another.

Equipped with the advice above on how to learn guitar, you can master this popular instrument yourself.