Fender Acoustic Guitar CD-60 Review

Fender Acoustic Guitar CD-60 Review
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A Fender acoustic guitar is guaranteed to make it amongst the best of its kind.

In Depth Review of Fender Acoustic Guitar CD-60

In the Fender CD-60, the manufacturer’s selection to use only laminated wood as opposed to pure mahogany means that it’ll be lighter for the users. This ensured that the price would continue to be affordable.

Among the many things that make guitars different from each other, are the materials which were used in order to improve sound quality. Fender is not only known for making advanced guitars but also for using quality stuff while making their guitars.

CompositionFender acoustic guitar

The rosewood fingerboard, as in the Fender acoustic guitar CD-60, is normal for acoustic guitars because rosewood contributes to sound and the overall tone of the guitar besides being affordable.

This guitar is also equipped with scalloped X bracing to increase its resonance with regard to volume and tone, and to enlarge its reach.


For its price, the Fender CD-60 creates a mellow and strong loud sound that’s perfect for intermediate level players and beginners. Though you will not get the kind of sound you hear in a concert, the Fender CD-60 is easily the guitar which has the best sound quality in its price range.


  • It creates sound that is excellent both in the acoustic and electric variations for the cost.
  • The tone is consistent and surely will stay in case you play for several hours a day, even in melody for prolonged periods.
  • It’s lightweight as well as simple to utilize.


  • Great just for right hand users as there are not any left hand variations easily accessible.

Final Thoughts

For new and intermediate guitarists, the Fender CD-60 provides great value. Though not in the same class as a Martin, it will not disappoint those looking for a great guitar in the intermediate price range.