Jixing Jxng Review

Jixing Jxng Review
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Jixing guitars are fast gaining credibility among music lovers. The demand for such guitars is also increasing significantly. In this post, we will review the Jixing Jxng acoustic guitar.

With decent sound quality, you cannot find too many faults on this guitar.

The model which we would discuss today is the Jixing Jxng guitar. It is one of the most popular guitars currently.

Jixing Jxng Review


Jixing Jxng Review in Detail

We would today look into the features and the other details of this guitar.


  • Innovative design: The guitar has an innovative design which ensures that the quality of sound which is produced is up to the mark. Also, the innovative designs make the guitar more visually appealing as well.
  • Size of the guitar: With the size of 38 inches, you can be sure that it is actually pretty easy to hold as well. This is especially useful for people who are using the guitar for the 1st time.
  • Accessories included: The guitar comes with 3 picks as well as strings and also the guitar strap. Also, it is accompanied by the carrying bag as well which ensures that you are able to carry it around quite easily.

We would now go into some of the pros and cons of this guitar.


  • Lightweight: The guitar is lightweight as compared to some of the other options. This ensures that it is a good option for women as well as children. Also, people who are playing the guitar or learning the guitar would be able to hold it quite easily.
  • Short height: Owing to the height of just 38 inches, you can be sure that you would be able to handle and play the Guitar perfectly. This especially is useful in learning the guitar.
  • Colours available: This guitar comes in different colors. This makes it easier for you to choose the color which you like the most.


  • Plastic body: One of the main cons of this guitar is that it is made from plastic. Owing to this very reason, you have to handle it pretty carefully. However, the plastic also ensures that the weight of the guitar is on the lower side.
  • Chinese make: Products that are cheap and made in China are always suspect. The reliability factor is hence, low.

So, if you’re looking for a lightweight guitar which you can easily use whenever you are learning how to play the guitar, the Jixing Jjxng guitar is the perfect option for you.

However, if you are looking for quality and durability, you need to save up for a Yamaha.

You have to just look at the pros and cons which we have discussed as this would help you in deciding whether this is the perfect guitar for you or not.