Juarez 038C Guitar Review

Juarez 038C Guitar Review
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Are you looking for an affordable guitar?

Are you looking for a guitar which brings out the most melodious of sounds?

If the answer is yes, Juarez 038C guitar would surely fit the bill.

Most of the Indian consumers are always looking for an affordable guitar and Juarez 038 c guitar is not only affordable but it is also acoustically good as well.

Also, this guitar is good enough for those who are just learning how to play guitar as well.

We would today share with you some of the features of this guitar and look into its pros and cons.

Juarez 038c Guitar Review In Detail

Wooden Finish

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The wooden finish ensures that the guitar it is not only durable but is designed acoustically as well.

Also, most of the other guitars which you would find in this price range seldom have a full wooden construction.

Steel Strings

The sound which is produced on a guitar is significantly dependent on the type of strings as well as the materials from which the strings are made.

This guitar consists of steel strings which ensures that the sound is melodious and is produced exactly as per the notes.

Glossy Finish

Even though the cost of the guitar is in the budget range but when you look at the glossy finish, it has an elegant look.

The black glossy finish complements the good acoustic performance of the guitar.


The advantages of the Juarez 038C acoustic Guitar are as follows:

Good Finish

With the black glossy finish, you can be sure that the guitar would look much better as compared to its real cost.

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The weight of the guitar is just less than 2 kg. This ensures that it is very easy to hold and carry around with you wherever you go.


The size is not large enough which ensures that even people with short height can play the guitar quite easily.

Easy to hold

The guitar is easy to hold and easy to reach out at the different ends. This ensures that while learning the guitar, you would face no problem at all.


The disadvantages of this guitar are as follows

Tuning Pegs are Difficult to Operate

From time to time, you would have to use the tuning pegs of the guitar in order to tune the guitar. These, however, are very difficult to operate.

Reliability Factor

Being a low-cost Chinese product, durability and reliability concerns exist.

Final Words

So, if you’re looking for the guitar which is decent acoustically and is also affordable as well, Juarez 038 C guitar is the perfect option for you as it mixes performance with elegant finish and affordability.

Don’t expect standards of well-known brands, though!