Kadence Slowhand Series Guitar Review

Kadence Slowhand Series Guitar Review
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Are you looking for a more traditional looking guitar?

If the answer is yes, the Kadence slowhand series guitar is the perfect option for you.

The guitar is visually appealing and also the acoustics of the guitar is pretty good for the price.

We would today go into the details of this guitar to help you better understand whether it is the perfect option for you.

Kadence Slowhand Series Guitar Review: In-depth

The features of this guitar are attractive. Let’s go over some of them in detail.

Mahogany Finish

Kadence Slowhand Series Guitar Review

There are very few guitars available in India with the original mahogany finish. This is one of them.

That is why, if you’re looking for classic guitars, this one is a good option for you.

High-Quality Build

There is extensive use of Indian rosewood coupled with mahogany finished and spruce at the top.

This makes the build quality of this guitar pretty superior as compared to the other options.

This ensures that if you’re looking for an authentic guitar which can last for a longer period of time as well, this one is the perfect option for you.

Larger Size

This guitar is a bit large as compared to the average guitar. The length of the guitar is around 41 inches.


The guitar has a lot to offer for those learning how to play the guitar. Some of the pros of this guitar are listed below.

Excellent Build Quality

As we stated above, the guitar is created entirely from wood. This ensures that the build quality of the guitar is pretty high. Also, this makes it highly durable.

Innovative Design

If you look at the design of the guitar, even though it incorporates the traditional design, it does have a unique appearance.

Good Quality Sound

Due to the classic design with a better modification in the course, you can be sure that the sound quality would be pretty good enough as well.


Like any guitar, the Kadence Slowhand Series Guitar does have some flaws. However, for the price the one given below is worth mentioning.

Different sounds jack position

If you’re accustomed to normal guitars, the change to sound jack position of this guitar can take a bit of time to get accustomed to.

Once you’re accustomed to the sound jack position of this guitar, you would realize that the position is actually advantageous. However, if you’re learning guitar for the 1st time around, this is hardly a problem.

Final Words

So, if you’re looking for more authentic guitar options, Kadence slowhand series guitar is one of the best choices for you.

You have to look at the build quality and the classic design of the guitar as well. Due to both of these things, this guitar is actually becoming more famous as compared to some of the other modern guitars which are available currently.