Martin Dreadnought Junior Review

Martin Dreadnought Junior Review
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  • Midrange tones are really punchy.
  • Unique sound quality which is a trademark of Martin guitars.
  • Compact body makes for a much more comfortable playing experience.
  • Exceptional build quality.


  • Depth is a bit less as compared to a full-sized dreadnought.

Who is it for?

If you are a professional or a serious guitar player looking out for a premium acoustic guitar, then the Martin DJR Acoustic Guitar is the one to opt for.

Martin Dreadnought Junior In-Depth Review

It is one of those acoustic guitars that are very comfortable to play, thanks to its simple, small and compact body. However, this guitar provides you with a startling degree of tone that is strong, despite its diminutive size.

Strong Build Quality

Martin Dreadnought Junior Review

The guitarists understand that there is no replacement for top quality tonewoods.

The top of the Martin Dreadnought Junior is made of Sitka spruce, a choice of wood for vibrant, sounds that are full-bodied. Its back and sides are made from solid sapele, which is very much like mahogany when it comes to depth and fullness. For more details, read sapele vs mahogany.

Richlite Fretboard

Richlite is more or less a common material for fretboards. Being a recycled resin, it provides a tone that is almost similar to Ebony. The richlite fretboard is fast and smooth but unlike wood does not need any maintenance.


The guitar is really very comfortable and can be used with least effort while sitting or standing.


The body design of the Martin Dreadnought Junior provides focus and exceptional projection. It is the perfect size for travelers, students, smaller players, or anyone who longs for the Martin quality in a streamlined bundle.

The Dreadnought Junior body design gives you a well-balanced tone and perfect for recording. Take a look at the video below.

Final Verdict

The Martin Dreadnought Junior is a highly valuable acoustic guitar which is worth the money.