Yamaha C-40 Review

Yamaha C-40 Review
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The Yamaha C40 is among the least expensive full-sized classical guitars in the Indian market.

Build Quality

The Yamaha C40 is made with a Spruce wood top which is common on guitars along with Mahogany back and sides.

The wood is laminate, meaning the projection of the guitar won’t be quite as great as a solid wood guitar, but one of the compromises you must make with a beginner guitar.

The neck is broad like classical guitars and is made with a rosewood fretboard of Nato. This really is fairly normal.

Feel of the Guitar

The edge of buying a Yamaha over some ordinary brand beginner guitar is the fact that you understand it’s going to come out of the carton feeling good.

You will rarely see any flaws or issues with a C40 that impact playability. The neck is smooth as well as the body is a suitable size.


The Yamaha C40 has a polished finish that is conventional in many classical guitars.

You may need to often wipe it, as the polish has a tendency to reveal smudges and fingerprints.

Sound Quality

For most beginner guitarists, the sound from a Yamaha C40 is going to be adequate. For people who have a critical ear or who’ve been playing guitar for some time, you might see that it has a more subdued sound.

Overall Impression

Stringsly strongly recommends the Yamaha C40 as a first-time, beginner guitar for someone who is simply learning. You won’t be breaking the bank and also the Yamaha quality is tons much better in relation to the cheaper brands available online in India.

The strings will need replacing and also the sound will be somewhat muffled. So expect to upgrade in a year or two after you’ve had time to learn the guitar. However, you’ll be happy you began on the Yamaha C40. It will be a great guitar to pass down to another generation of beginner guitarists.