Yamaha CG142S Review

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Yamaha CG142S Review in DetailYamaha CG142S Review

Yamaha has a long history with classical and acoustic guitars. A whole section of its own catalogue is dedicated exclusively to classical guitars, both in the acoustic guitar and acoustic-electric versions.

Versions offered range from those for beginners to handmade top quality guitars.

Attributes of the CG142S

  • Solid Engelmann spruce top for great sound and projection.
  • Complete 2-inch wide nut enables you to develop appropriate classical guitar techniques.
  • Polished finish.
  • Rosewood bridge and fretboard for great results and warm tone.
  • Full-size classical guitar at a budget cost.


The side and rear panels on the CG142S are created of nato wood, while the top is made from spruce. The top panel has a high polish finish and natural binding.


Yamaha CG142S Review

In the bridge section, a regular shaped bridge is installed by Yamaha. The Neck is made from nato wood and it has a dovetail joint.


Yamaha CG142S Review

The fingerboard is made from rosewood which is equipped with 19 frets, level spoke and 2-inch broad artificial bone string nut.


Thanks to its solid wood top design, the Yamaha CG142S offers great harmonics and tonal equilibrium. Check out the sound quality from the video below:


Trying to find an affordable full-size classical guitar? The Yamaha CG142S is a fantastic complete sized nylon-string guitar that is affordable for any guitarist.

Who is it For?

Considering that it is a full-size guitar coming from Yamaha with great sound quality at a decent cost, the CG142S is ideal for newcomers.

Whether you are new to classical nylon-string guitars or haven’t played with a guitar in your lifetime, the CG142Sgives you the correct balance of durability, playability, and excellent sound.

That concludes our Yamaha CG142S review. If you have any thoughts, questions or suggestions, do let us know.