13 Best Guitar Brands in India for 2018

13 Best Guitar Brands in India for 2018

In this post, you will learn about the best guitar brands in India which sell high quality and durable guitars.

The guitar is not only a musical instrument but a medium to express one’s feelings.

It is like a companion which will stayr with you for years to come.

Therefore, buying a good quality guitar is of utmost importance.

The Indian market is flooded with several brands of guitars.

There are some which you would have never heard of.

If you are mostly aware what the good brands are and you come across one you have never heard of, it is most likely Chinese.

One thing that is certain and not surprising is that the best guitar brands in India are not of Chinese make.

Why Do People Buy Chinese Guitars?

The low prices of Chinese guitars can be very tempting.

The looks and feel of these guitars may also appear good.

In reality, Chinese guitars are not of good quality and don’t last very long.

Which Are The Best Guitar Brands In India?

Based on reputation, performance and reviews, we have worked out a list of the top guitar brands in India (in no particular order).

1) Epiphone

Epiphone is one of the oldest and one of the best American guitar companies.

It was formed in 1873 and later acquired by Gibson Guitar Corporation, another leading guitar brand.

Epiphone has something for every player in every genre.

The company offers a wide range of Acoustic and Electric guitar models.

The nylon-string Les Paul Ukulele acoustic guitar is of famous vintage and has been the industry leader over the years.

Its solid mahogany body with top laminated, high-grade maple top and rosewood fingerboard produce a great tone.

In addition, its gorgeous looks have captured many hearts.

When it comes to Electric Guitars, SG Special electric guitar is an iconic rock guitar.

It is a superb instrument for the money featuring a mahogany body and neck with rosewood fingerboard having dots inlays.

Epiphone guitars have a great demand in the Indian market, which has set standards for the budget-conscious versions of guitars.

2) Yamaha

Yamaha is the most revered and leading manufacturer of full-line musical instruments.

With its wide range of guitars, the company has become a best seller and is easily one of the best guitar brands in India.

Some of the best models of guitar featured by Yamaha include:

Classical guitars: The C Series are the popular and affordable nylon string guitars by Yamaha suitable for beginners and young learners.

The CG, CGS and GC series are also nylon string guitars made by the company and the prices vary depending on the quality of materials used which enhance the music quality.

Acoustic guitars: L, F, FG, The F series and FS series has some popular guitars which fits well in the budget range while offering good quality of performance.

These guitars are ideal for beginners and students.

The FG series and the FS series of acoustic guitars employ the finest materials and are ideal for those who are looking for top class performance.


best guitar brands in india

Yamaha C40 Nylon String Acoustic Guitar

Learn More About the Yamaha C40

Electric guitars: The electric guitars of Yamaha available in India are of the Pacifica and RGX series.

The Pacifica series offers the most value for money combining affordability with performance.

3) Ibanez

Ibanez is a Japanese guitar manufacturing company, which is famous for being the first to mass-produce the seven-string and eight-string variants of guitars.

Some of the most recognizable and distinct guitars in the Ibanez line include:

Classical guitars: The GA15 series characterized with Cedar top with mahogany back and sides, GA6CE and GA5TCE line of guitars with Spruce top and Mahogany back and sides.

Acoustic guitars: The perfect size, great projection and beautiful tone offered by AEL, PF and EWP series of Acoustic guitars are remarkable.

Learn More About the Ibanez GA5TCE

Electric guitars: RGX and the GRX series of electric guitars come with the Ibanez brand at an affordable price.

The mid-range GRG series include offers greater precision, high performance and playability.

For serious metal players, there are the RG series and AR series.

Ibanez features guitars that start from a low-budget range to premium guitars extending up to Rs.1.5 lacs.

With its affordable and quality guitars, Ibanez has become one of the best guitar brands in India.

4) Kadence

best guitar brands in IndiaKadence is an Indian manufacturer of musical instruments.

They provide high-quality guitars at affordable prices.

The wide range of guitars offered by Kadence starts from low-budget Frontier series of Acoustic guitars under Rs 5000.

The Slowhand series of premium Acoustic guitars having superior sound high quality finish can be got at approximately Rs.10,000.

Kadence has become a favourite guitar brand in the Indian market with its good quality products.

The great look and feel available at affordable prices make these guitars invaluable.

5) Fender

Fender is the world’s leading guitar and amplifier manufacturing company, serving the industry since 1946.

It is one of the best guitar brands in India for electric guitars.

It is a forerunner in the field of electric guitars and some of the best models of guitars offered by Fender are:

• Solid-body, Spanish-styled electric Telecaster guitar;
• Stratocaster, one of the most popular electric guitar;
• Jazz Bass guitar, Jaguar and Jazzmaster guitars
• It features wide ranges of acoustic guitars.


best guitar brands in India

Fender Squier 0310001506 Bullet Stratocaster


Fender features wide ranges of acoustic guitar models such as Parlor, Concert, Triple O and Jumbo.

It markets under the brand names of Fender, Squier, Charvel, Gretsch, Jackson and EVH.

The price varies from mid-budget guitars starting at Rs.12,000 onwards up to Rs.1.5 lacs.

Fender has made a mark in the Indian guitar industry with its high quality products.

6) Cort

Cort, a South Korean manufacturer of musical instruments was founded in 1973.

Cort specialises in Electric guitars, Bass guitars and Steel-string acoustic guitars.

The hallmark of the company is its elegant series of Electric guitars.

The Classic rock series, G, M, CR and X series guitars, Sunset series and Zenox series form part of the list.

These guitars not only deliver high performance, but also have a great look and feel.

Cort also features some of the best acoustic guitars collection, such as Luce series, MR series, SFX series and AD series.

It has established its brand name in Indian market by offering high-class products at affordable prices, starting at Rs.10,000 and going up to Rs.40,000.

7) Gibson

The Gibson Guitar Corporation makes guitars which sell under various brand names and are considered as among the best guitar brands on the planet.

The company is famous to have devised the arch top guitar and created a few of the most iconic instruments in guitar history.

Some iconic versions are the SG, Explorer, Flying V, ES 175 as well as the Firebird.

The ES175 was to become the first truly popular electric guitar.

The Les Paul Melody Maker is a popular model amongst many guitarists in different countries.


best guitar brands in india

Gibson Les Paul Melody Maker

Caution: Be aware that there is a cheap brand name which rhymes with Gibson.

8) Martin

Amongst the best guitar brands in India for acoustic guitars, Martin is one that stands out.

Martin is one of the best known brands for its steel-string guitars.

It is a leading manufacturer of flat top guitars which produce top notch sound quality.

However, the company is best known for their signature dreadnought acoustic guitar with X-bracing.

The dreadnought soon became an industry standard and many other brands followed suit.

The Martin DJR is one of the popular models of the company.

9) Jackson

Jackson is a well-known guitar manufacturing company that was set up in the year 1980.

Jackson guitars are considered as among the best guitars on the planet.

Their guitars are known for its slender and refined layouts.

Jackson guitars are also popular for their typical pointed headstock.

The Jackson JS32 Kelly RW is an electric guitar which has won the hearts of many owing to its stylish design and great sound quality.

10) ESP

ESP Guitars are among the very best guitar brands on the planet.

The firm was set up by Hisatake Shibuya in the year 1975 in Tokyo, Japan.

They developed lots of reputation as providers of the most effective quality replacement parts for musicals.

After 1976, Shibuya began developing his own guitars and since then the ESP guitars are known for great service and its quality.

The ESP LTD EC Series EC-10 is a popular Electric Guitar of the company.

11) Ovation

Ovation Guitars are the produce of the Ovation Guitar Company.

Ovation guitars are more popular with the studio musicians than the guitarists who perform on stage.

The Ovation Guitars are specialized in making acoustic guitars which are amongst the finest in the world.

Take a look at the CE44-RR from Ovation.

12) B.C. Rich

Founded in 1969, B.C. Rich is a maker of a wide range of guitars.

It is considered as one of the most fashionable electric guitar makers.

However, this brand of guitar is nearly losing popularity and its appeal.

But undoubtedly the B.C. Rich guitars were the better ones among other popular brands of guitars.

13) Taylor

Taylor guitars are actually affordable guitars which are perfect for intermediary players and newbies.

While the electric guitars leave a lot to be desired, they have very good acoustic guitars.

The 200 series is their most popular show up to now.

The models which come under this particular range provide clear and rich sound.

Best guitar brands in India

Taylor BT2 Baby Taylor Acoustic Guitar

Top Selling Guitars in India

It would only be fair to list out the top selling guitars by price or by budget.

Under Rs 5000

If you are on a tight budget, it would be best to choose between the three given below which have been reviewed by many users. Avoid unknown brands in local stores.

Lowest New Price
Kadence Frontier Series,Black Acoustic Guitar Combo(Bag,Strap,Strings And 3 Picks)
INR 5,300.00
Juarez Acoustic Guitar [ LEFT HANDED] 38 Inch Cutaway JRZ38CL/BK with Bag Strings Pick and Strap, Black

Under Rs 10000

The better quality guitars from trusted brands start here. This is the minimum budget recommended.

Lowest New Price
Yamaha F310, 6-Strings Acoustic Guitar, Natural
INR 7,900.00
Kadence Slowhand Series Premium Acoustic Guitar, Spruce Top
INR 12,320.00

Under Rs 15000

Slightly better quality than the ones below 10k. The Yamaha F310 is added to this list only because it is our recommendation in this price range.

lowest priceINR 7,900.00
lowest priceN/A
lowest priceN/A

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Final Thoughts

That was a roundup of the best guitar brands in India.

Remember that the music coming out of the strings of the guitar is a piece of art that goes straight to the heart.

So, it becomes essential to make the right choice while buying a guitar.

It is advisable to not go for low-priced flashy guitars which promise top-class features.

The best guitar brands in India or for matter anywhere else may not be always cheap.

But the better choice would be to opt for a brand which has made a mark in the industry.

Their guitars will last longer and the superior sound quality will bring you smiles for years to come.