Best Guitars in India For Every Budget 2017

Best Guitars in India For Every Budget 2017

Making the right choice to buy a guitar which suits all your needs can be a difficult task. This is applicable especially if you are a beginner and require one immediately to start learning. In this post we bring forth the best guitars in India at every price point.

In recent articles, we had covered the basic guitar design concepts and provided a comprehensive guitar buying guide which will help you in identifying the type of guitar suited for you.

Once you have a fair idea of which type and what features you want on your new guitar, it is time to go ahead and buy it. It is obvious that you, like anybody else, will want to know as to what are the best guitars in India, so that you can find the best within your budget.

Guitars can be broadly categorised in three types:

  • Acoustic guitars
    • Classical Guitars or Nylon-string Acoustic Guitars
    • Steel-string Acoustic Guitars
  • Electric guitars

The Best Guitars in India For Every Budget

We will take a look at what we consider as the best guitars in India in each category and price point.

We have restricted ourselves, however to those available online. It would be ideal to have a guitar shop nearby where you can choose a guitar to your liking. If the local options are limited, then opt for one online based on the recommendations below.

Classical Guitars or Nylon-string Acoustic Guitars

If going for an acoustic guitar, the best guitar for the beginners to start off with is the Classical guitar or “Spanish guitar”. Its strings are made up of nylon which is thicker and softer on the fingers and hence, more comfortable to play.

The fret board of the classical guitar is broader and quite often does not have fret markers along the fingerboard. The guitar is built more delicately so that its body can reverberate better in response to the nylon strings.

The classical guitar might seem to lack the X- factor that steel-string guitars have due to its mellow tone and dull sound. However, if you are looking out for a cheaper alternative to learn the basics or a light weight portable guitar, the Classical guitar is the one for you.

best guitars in indiaBest Classical Guitar Below Rs 10000 (USD 160)

The Yamaha C 40 6 Strings Classical Guitar is one of the best guitars in India available for the budget conscious. It is the cheapest full-sized classical guitar which is of great value.

The Nato neck of the Yamaha C 40 6 Strings Classical Guitar is wide and smooth with a rosewood fretboard, which is pretty standard. But the laminated wood doesn’t offer sound projection as good as a solid wood guitar.

The guitar is recommended for the first-timers, who have just started learning and want to buy a guitar within a decent price range.


Best Classical Guitar Below Rs 20000 (USD 320)


best guitars in India - Ibanez GA5TCE

Ibanez GA5TCE Acoustic Guitar


The Ibanez GA5TCE is an easy-to-play guitar, which comes in the mid-range. It has a thin line classical cutaway body with the standard spruce top, mahogany neck and a rosewood fretboard.

The Ibanez GA5TCE produces great, rich sound for a thinline classical guitar. It will probably appear louder than you would expect unplugged and that is a good thing.

best guitars in india

Yamaha CG142S

Best Classical Guitar Below Rs 30000 (USD 480)

The Yamaha CG142S Spruce Classical Guitar one of the best guitars in India in the higher budget range.

The top of the guitar is made up of solid Engelmann spruce wood with rosewood fretboard and bridge. This helps to offer great sound projection with the bold-tone balance from lows to highs.

The neck, back and side panels of the Yamaha CG142S Spruce Classical Guitar are made of Nato wood, which helps to bring out the deep sound of nylon string.

The nut is 2 inches wide, which allows developing proper classical guitar techniques.  The top panel has a high glossy finish, decorated with mosaic-design rosette. The beautiful classical guitar offers great classic features in its price range.

Steel-string Acoustic Guitars

The steel-string guitars are lightly constructed, having flat tops with strings made up of steel or metal wires. This makes them a bit harsh or tougher on the fingertips, especially for a beginner.

These guitars are built to withstand the high tension of steel strings. So, it is not advisable to replace the nylon strings of classical guitars with the steel strings in a hope that they will sound the same.

The sound produced by these guitars is brighter, louder and more metallic than that of its nylon string counterparts. These guitars are also the most popular and modern form of acoustic guitar commonly used in folk, jazz and rock music.

Best Acoustic Guitar Below Rs 10000 (USD 160)

best guitars in india

If you want to buy a classy guitar in a low-budget range, Kadence Frontier Series Acoustic guitar will be a good choice.

The best part about Kadence guitars is they are Indian and great value for money. The body of the guitar is made of Spruce wood, which allows for a high fidelity resonating hollow chamber.

The fretboard and bridge are made of rosewood. The truss rod featured in the model allows sound to be adjusted in a better way.

The guitar is recommended for beginners, who are looking for a highly durable guitar with great sound quality, available in the low-budget range.

 Best Acoustic Guitar Below Rs 20000 (USD 320)


best guitars india

If you are looking for a mid-range steel-string acoustic, the Fender CD-60 is one of the best guitars in India. The model features dreadnought body style with laminated mahogany top, back and sides that help to create mellow sounds.

The action on the Fender CD-60 is pretty comfortable. However, when finger-picked, the sound lacks the clarity. The CD60 also comes in electric variant and overall it offers a great deal of value for money.

Best High-End Acoustic Guitar

best guitars in india

Martin DJR Acoustic Guitar

If you are a professional and looking out for a premium acoustic guitar, Martin DJR Acoustic Guitar is the one to opt for. This guitar is comfortable to play due to its smaller scale and frets arranged closer to one another.

The guitar is made of solid Sitka Spruce Rosette top with scalloped X-bracing pattern and Richlite fingerboard. It has a dreadnought body shape fitted with a Fishman sonitone pickup system that offers great sounding plug-and-play output, both in the studio and onstage performance.

Electric Guitars

The electric guitars have a smaller body with slimmer and thinner neck. It is not hard on fingertips and you can move your hands around effortlessly when compared to steel-string guitars.

Although they are easier to play, the drawback associated with electric guitar is that they are slightly more expensive than acoustic guitars. This is because they are designed to be played through an amplifier and additional accessories are required for this purpose.

If you are interested in playing rock or metal music, this is the guitar which can produce the best sound effect you might be looking out for. The guitar has lower gauge strings and a low playing action with the strings being spaced out closely to each other, making it slightly trickier for finger-styled players.

Best Electric Guitar Below Rs 20000 (USD 320)

best guitars in india

Yamaha Pacifica012

As the electric guitars are slightly more expensive than acoustic guitars, the starting price for the product is above Rs 10,000.

Yamaha Pacifica012 has been one of the best electric guitars for over decades, which is recommended for beginners and intermediates alike. It is a great guitar in the Indian market.

It offers great tone and outstanding playability with a gorgeous neck made of maple. It also has a bolt-on neck construction with rosewood Snorkeling fingerboard, comfort-contoured bodies and vintage-style vibrators.

You can choose the body material between Agathis or Nato. The sound coming out of sleek axe is immaculate and the model is unmatched in its low price range.

Best Electric Guitar Below Rs 50000 (USD 800)


best guitars in india

Fender 0144602532 Standard Stratocaster


For those who are looking for a mid-range guitar, the Fender 0144602532 Fender Standard Stratocaster is a good choice. It is an excellent guitar which has created waves with its unique styling.

It has an alder body which makes it really comfortable even if you play for long periods. It is really beneficial for those playing for rock concerts or public shows where you have to stand for long sessions.

Best High-End Electric Guitar

best guitars in india

Ibanez RG3727FZ

If you are looking out for a professional electric guitar, the Ibanez RG3727FZ Prestige Electric guitar is a great choice. Ibanez is the popular choice for high-end guitar players who do not want to spend too much on a Gibson.

The RG3727FZ is a seven-string guitar of the RG series and belongs to the famous handcrafted Prestige line. It has a solid mahogany body with flamed maple top, dual DiMarzio humbucking pickups and an Edge Zero 7 tremolo bridge. It is ideal for metal fans and guitar enthusiasts for whom speed and strength matters a lot.


It also offers an extremely fast transient response for unprecedented articulation and is one of the best guitars available in the high-price range.

Final Thoughts

We have listed above is a personal as well as a researched list of the best guitars in India. Basically, you can choose to buy any guitar depending upon your budget, but the selection of the guitar should reflect your music interest.

If you are interested in playing traditional, classical and folk music, check out nylon-string guitars, but if your interest is in playing country or rock music, opting for steel-string guitar will be a good choice.

The best quality sound for rock or metal music can be produced through an electric guitar. No matter what type of guitar you choose, whether you purchase it from a store or buy a guitar online, always keep in mind that it needs to be adjusted and fine tuned for easy playability.