Is Electric Guitar Easier to Play than Acoustic

Is Electric Guitar Easier to Play than Acoustic

Is an electric guitar easier to play than an acoustic guitar? An immediate answer is yes but if you are starting to learn guitar, the ease of play is not the underlying factor to decide which type of guitar you should go for.

If you are starting to learn guitar, don’t blindly go with the answer provided above. Read this entire post before you make a decision.

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Which Type of Guitar Should You Start Learning With?

Many experts recommend learning to play guitars on an acoustic guitar.

In fact, the gurus say that once you get the basics of playing right on an acoustic guitar, it is easier to learn and play all kinds of guitars.

To evaluate this, let us look at the construction and working of these guitars.

Acoustic Guitars

Is Electric Guitar Easier to Play than Acoustic


Acoustic guitars have metal strings with a heavier gauge. Heavier gauge strings require firm picking and can be difficult to finger, especially for beginners.

Holding chords requires strength in fingers with such thick strings, as these strings are accustomed to making a buzzing sound if not pressed properly. Pressing such metal strings can make the fingertips hard and cause some pain if the guitar player is not used to it.


Acoustic guitars also have wider fretboards. This makes playing certain chords difficult, depending on flexibility and strength in fingers.


Acoustic guitars have hollow bodies. The size of the hollow body determines the volume and impact of the sound produced by the guitar.

Acoustic guitars, are thus larger in size, making it slightly difficult to hold them. Learning to play an acoustic guitar requires interest and determination, and makes a guitarist technically sound.

While an expert guitarist may find the sound of an acoustic guitar natural and calmer, making the experience of playing it welcoming, the lack of availability of effects might make it dull and boring, making it hard to play acoustic guitar for an extended period of time.

Electric Guitars

Is Electric Guitar Easier to Play than Acoustic


Electric guitars use the vibration of strings and convert them into an electric signal. These signals are then converted to sound in an amplifier.

The strings used in electric guitars are softer and of lighter gauge, which makes pressing them much easier and less painful to the fingers.


Electric guitars do not need hollow bodies allowing for them to have smaller bodies which make holding them easier compared to their big-bodied acoustic counterparts.

Electric guitars have thinner necks too.  Add to this the narrower fretboards and playing chords become pretty easy on electric guitars when compared to playing chords on acoustic guitars.

There are numerous effects that can be played with an electric guitar on account of the amplifier and other accessories available for it. Having such vast number of effects available to play, makes playing an electric guitar an exciting and motivating experience.

This makes playing an electric guitar easier mentally, as a guitarist always has something new to learn and perform on an electric guitar.

This also makes learning on electric guitars confusing, especially if the guitar player is not technically sound.

It is difficult for a beginner to find a good tone in an electric guitar. Learning on an electric guitar may become a frustrating experience in such a case.

Hence, an electric guitar is definitely easier to play than an acoustic guitar.

Electric vs Acoustic for Beginners

Acoustic Guitar

While learning on an acoustic guitar is tough, it makes the guitarist’s hands and fingers stronger and widens their range of play.

Another experience associated with playing guitars is the buying activity. Acoustic guitars are available in few body types and sizes which makes selecting one easier.

Acoustic guitar strings are also easier to select with only a few options with gauge being the most important factor in their selection.

Electric Guitar

Electric guitars are available in a wide range of size, shape, and material. Add to it the type of amplifiers that can be paired up with them, the accessories like pedals and processors and the selection of strings depending on the amplifier, material of strings and its gauge, make buying an electric guitar a very gruesome and confusing process.

Though an electric guitar is easier to play than an acoustic guitar, only an expert guitarist with vast experience and who knows what kind of music is to be produced can perfectly select the equipment for electric guitar.

Is Electric Guitar Easier to Play than Acoustic

The saying that electric guitars are easier to play than acoustic guitars is TRUE.

This is true physically and mentally. But this is true only for guitarists with strong basics and clear concepts in playing the guitar.

For beginners, producing good music on an electric guitar would be difficult technically, while playing an acoustic one would be difficult physically and mentally for a prolonged time.

Thus the easiest way to be a good guitarist is to start learning on an acoustic guitar and choose an acoustic or electric guitar as per your taste of music and interest.