Top Guitar Classes in Pune

Top Guitar Classes in Pune

Pune is best known as the city of the Peshwas who were part of the Maratha empire. In today’s times, it is known to be co-located with the National Defence Academy at Khadakvasla which is one of the finest training academies. Music is very popular in the city and the guitar is one of the most preferred instruments here. Hence, guitar classes in Pune can be found in abundance.

The best guitar classes in Pune are based on reputation, popularity and reviews. If you haven’t, we suggest you read our post which can help you to choose the right guitar school or teacher.

1)  Achievers Music Academy

The Achievers Music Academy provides high-quality guitar classes in Pune. It has several types of courses as follows:


The beginner’s course introduces pupils to the guitar using a holistic way of teaching. This class comprises fundamental music theory lessons as a way to establish a strong foundation. Based on this, the pupil can enhance their capability to learn the guitar as and when it is required during the course.

The beginner’s course also covers aspects like  the creation of major scales and chords, chromatics and training using a metronome. This class was created to supply pupils using a strong grounding in the fundamentals of the guitar. By this they’ll have the ability to improve on their skill set.


The intermediate course builds on the practical as well as theoretical facets which were taught in the beginner’s class.

Pupils are introduced to additional issues like complex chord building and deciding techniques.


This time the pupil gains an excellent knowledge of the practical as well as theoretical details of the instrument. The advanced class will concentrate mainly on improvisation techniques and speed training.

2)  AJ’s 6 String Guitar classes

AJ’s 6 String Guitar courses are among the top music training facilities that provide guitar classes in Pune. They have their unique methodology which will make students more interested and will enhance their skill and creativity.


• Experienced and competent faculty
• Interactional way of teaching
• Adaptive Timings

3)  Mad Over Music

This Guitar Training Institute in Pune concentrates in different ways determined by preferences and the aims that their pupils have.

They follow a structured routine in teaching but also offer pupils with flexible practice timings. If your location is near the school, then it would be an ideal choice as it is one of the best choices for guitar classes in Pune.

4)  Panchee School Of Music

Guitar courses at Panchee School Of Music are aimed at creating all round performers.

The goal of these lessons would be to make their students learn different genres of music. This allows a musician to make use of these abilities in sessions or on the stage.

An understanding of these designs not only helps pupils in pursuing commercial Bollywood as well as non-bollywood music.

5)  Muzi Club

Muziclub offers their pupils with the very best of both worlds; old school methodology revamped with a 360 degree advance, platforms for performances and just an excellent dose of trending techniques.

Apart from guitar classes in Pune, they are proficient at

  • Organizing shows, workshops and corporate seminars.
  • Teaching their pupils music.
  • Running on-line music courses.

6)  Dev’s Music Academy

Dev’s Music Academy began its operations in the year 1996 in Bombay. Since then, it’s come a long way. Today, it boasts of having trained over 10000 pupils in a period of over a decade.

Dev’s Music Academy is a music school that offers sequential-based programs for all age groups. What this means is that one may begin his or her music education as an infant with them, and keep graduating into a professional guitarist.

The various advantages of the strategy include:

  • The ability to remain under that tutelage as your requirements and goals change
  • Become totally comfortable in your learning environment.

7)  Seven Chords Music and Arts

They at 7 Chords Music and Arts, teach the guitar in a manner that is very straightforward. They follow conventional teaching techniques in order that you pick up the guitar quickly.

All the pupils are tracked separately. A pupil can attend the course according to his or her time convenience.

A Final Word About Guitar Classes In Pune

There are many other ‘behind the scenes’ schools and teachers out there who are not part of this list. Remember, picking the right school or teacher is important but other things like distance and timing have to be factored in.